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How to fill up application form for the above advertisement?

Link will be live on 02 July 2024 for Advt. No. AIIA/Rectt/01/2024

  • Form are filled online through this portal before filling the form, please read carefully about eligibility criteria, examinations schedule and fee details
  • If you are a registered user in this portal, then Login and look up the name of your post in the dashboard, then click the apply button and complete the form.
  • If you are not a registered user and it's your first time in this portal, then Click to Create Account using email address and mobile number.
  • Payment are paid online using Credit Card or Debit Card after the final submission of form.
  • Please do not close the browser till you get an appropriate message (Payment Successful/Unsuccessful).
  • In case of payment confirmation not received, transaction amount is deducted please send a message to hepdesk before retring again.
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